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It is so obvious that we live in a society of information, communication, in which distances between countries have lost their meaning. In this new context, whether is it about tourism, business or simply the translation of some documents, we are often forced to call on an authorized company for certified translations.

It is a necessity making that, on the Romanian market appear a lot of certified translation offices authorized with various offers and different capacities to achieve certified or sworn translations.

It is often difficult for the client to choose such an office of certified translations.

Maralex- translations office for any type of papers or documents

Maralex-Certified Translations was founded in 2008 by a young team of qualified and sworn translators. By the energy and ambition that characterizes Maralex translations, both individually and as a group, a qualitative office has formed, always proving its value and increased by association with talented and experienced translators.

These bring us in the position to be able to do sworn and certified translations of the highest quality in over 25 languages.

At Maraloex – certified translations office, we perform, at the highest quality, certified translations, sworn translations, legalization and superlegalization, apostille affixed to documents.

To meet the clients' needs, we provide checking, proofreading or collation of the translation for the documents already translated. We also provide support for teh endorsement of documents at the Ministry of External Affairs and embassies.

The team of translators from Maralex is chosen with great care and is formed of translators with experience and ability proven in tackling any kind of translation, either translations of ordinary documents, technical documents or documents containing terms of various specialized fields.

Services listed are only part of what we can do for you. For any other service related to translation and legalization, please contact us and we will definitely find a solution to the request and the special needs you might have.


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