How we work

Efficiency is essential for us to be a decisive factor. Because it is obvious that, if you're efficient, it means that you quickly resolve any requirements. But I must be clear that we do not make any reduction to quality to deliver a translation in a hurry.

As a working method, we can say that the best and most effective method is to have an appointment with a specialist within our translation office who will properly assess the project. In order to avoid waiting times, please contact us to find together the optimal time for you, so as to avoid the waiting periods as much as possible.

Once you have arrived at our office, your request will be processed quickly and assessed in a competent manner. You will get a quick accurate quotation and an estimate of the time required.

We will choose the best specialist tod eal with your project, according to needs and features (language to translate, specific area and type of translation: sworn / certified). We will treat your project with the utmost seriousness and responsibility. On the date / time agreed, you may come to pick the package containing your translated / certified documents and to pay for them. As you can see, it's very simple.

De data/ ora convenita puteti veni sa preluati pachetul de documente/document traduse/legalizate. Si sa achitati contravaloarea. Dupa cum vedeti, e foarte simplu.

Moreover, if we complete the project prior to its deadline, we will notify you by phone.

And, because we understand that often urgent situations arise and you may find yourself in short of time and unable to move in time to pick up the documents translated, we help you with fast delivery by courier, overpaying only the appropriate value.

Whatever situation you are in, contact us and Maralex - translation office will always will always find a solution to help you to satisfy your needs.

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