Maralex translations, through the quality of team formed over time and through the behaviour concepts cultivated, offers to all clients the highest quality translations in over 25 international languages​​.

We know that, in a difficult market like ours, you have to be very serious to be successful.

But for us, the concepts that have been the engine of our office since the beginning are commitment and devotion. Challenges are not an obstacle for us, but an impulse to progress.

Quality certified translations

Combining all these matter, the result is clear: best quality translations and satisfied clients. Unfortunately, the problem is that, as any client, in order to be able to appreciate our services, you must first distinguish between the many offers existing on the market. This is why many clients do not get where they need, theycannot reach us.

Translation of a material between two foreign languages ​​is a delicate operation. There are situations when there is no translation correspondence between the two languages. Only a sworn talented and experienced translator is able to make a correct translation in order to keep the proper meaning and context.

Maralex- certified translations office has the ability to meet the most demanding requirements. We have translators specialized on various fields, who, besides the necessary linguistic expertise, they also have the necessary legal, administrative or specific knowledge.

Legal, technical or specialized certified translations

Our office performs sworn translations and certified translations in almost every field: legal translations (sentences, contracts, etc.) , technical translations (technical data sheets, user manuals, etc.), medical translations, financial and banking translations, economic translations, IT translations and many more.

In what field are you operating? Whatever it may be, we have an expert translator who can perform a professional translation and also a certified one, if necessary. We do legal translations (such as sentences or contracts) , technical translations (we have experience in the performance of techncial data sheets and user manuals), medical, financial and banking, economic, IT translations and many more.

In short : Do you need a certified, sworn translation, or any other type and in any field?

You just need to contact us , we will do the rest.

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