Authorized translations

A certified translation is the translation to be done by a sworn translator. In most cases, the clients need a sworn translation, not a notarized one. In this case, the translated document should not be notarized, as well.

Maralex translations meets your needs and performs a wide range of translations:

Certified translations of legal documents:

  • certified translations of notarial documents;
  • certified translations of commercial agreements;
  • certified translations of power of attorneys;
  • certified translations of certificates;
  • certified translations of documents released by courts;
  • certified translations of documents prepared by attorneys;
  • certified translations of statements/affidavits;
  • certified translations of laws, ordinances, implementation procedures.

Certified translations of documentation and works:

  • Certified translations of user manuals;
  • Certified translations of technical documentation;
  • Certified translations for various works;
  • Certified translations for scientific projects.

Translations of websites.

Certified translations between two foreign languages.

Any other type of translation performed by a sworn translator.

Our office is waiting for you to resolve promptly and responsibly any authorized translation.


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