Certified translations

It should be understood from the very beginning that a translation must be certified only when it comes to official papers and documents issued by the Romanian state institutions or by authorities of a foreign country. So, a certified translation is done only in case of translation of some original and official documents. An original and official document bears the stamp of the issuing institution and the signature of the competent person of such institution.

Maralex- certified translations, by a team of well qualified translators, will provide a wide range of authenticated translations:

  • authenticated translations of identity documents, birth and marriage certificates, diplomas, vehicle papers, driving licenses, passports etc.;
  • authenticated translations of legal documents and contracts;
  • authenticated translations for documents drawn up in a foreign language;
  • authenticated translations of diplomas, schol transcripts/academic records;
  • authenticated translations of documents issued by courts;
  • authenticated translations of medical certificates;
  • authenticated translations of criminal and fiscal, invitations for  staying abroad, power –of attorneys;
  • authenticated translations of documents which require legalization;

Given that authenticated translations are often required in notary operations or in courts, it is good to keep in mind deadlines and working hours of those offices and institutions in order to obtain an authenticated translation in due time.

Maralex - certified translations office provides you all possible support in cases of emergency or special situations. Contact us and we will surely find an appropriate solution to your situation.

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