Each translation made at Maralex – certified/authenticated translations office has a high degree of quality and accuracy. The processes of checking, proofreading and collation are included in the duty of this office from the beginning.

There are some situations when you have already a translated text for which you either have no guarantee of its accuracy or the translator was not qualified or licensed or, you may find yourself in a situation in which the translation needs certification or legalization.

Our certified translations office provides you with the necessary support in all situations.

To make things more clear, we will turn light upon the issues and cases that may arise:

Checking a translation is needed when it was done by an unqualified or unlicensed person and requires the neessary checking and proofreading to be classified as authorized. Obviously this will be done by a sworn translator within Maralex office.

Certified proofreading makes a work translated by an unauthorized person to be checked and properly corrected by a translator working in our office, certified by the Ministry of Justice.

Bilingual proofreading involves carefully checking of the translation in relation to the original text in order to avoid translation or alteration omissions to the original meaning.

Proofreading involves grammatical checking and correcting of a translation by a specialist within our translation office.

Any other situation that requires checking, proofreading, certification or authorization of a translation done outside our office.

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