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Prompt services of affixing Apostille on documents

Do you need your document to be recognized abroad? Then you need your documents apostilled. Or maybe you need the superlegalization of documents.

In any event, you should not worry about it. Call us and besides we will clarify your uncertainties, you will receive all the help you need from us, for a quick resolution.

Apostille is a certificate issued by the competent authorities of a State signatory of the Hague Convention for official documents produced in that country, which will be presented in another State, which is a signatory of the Convention.

Apostille is actually a stamp that is applied to certain documents and which certifies the authenticity of the signature, the capacity of the signatory person has acted or where appropriate, the identity of the seal or stamp affixed on this document.

Maralex meets your needs and gives you qualified support in obtaining the Hague Apostille . For any question or doubt about the Hague apostille please contact us.

Maralex- Superlegalization of papers and documents

Superlegalization of an act is made if it is an official document issued by the Romanian authorities and it is to be used in a state that is not part of the states included in the Hague Convention adopted on October 5, 1961 on the remoal of the requirement of superlegalization of foreign documents.

Superlegalization is also necessary for countries with which Romania has not concluded a treaty containing provisions relating to the disposal of the requiremewnt related to superlegalization of documents, or signed documents which do not contain provisions relating to the removal of the requirement for superlegalization of official documents. Maralex is always at your disposal for any question or request about the superlegalization.

In order that a document be recognized internationally, it must be translated into an international language and contain an apostille, a square explanatory stamp, guaranteeing the official recognition under the law.

Whether you need a document for international trade, for master abroad, visa or residency papers, we can apostille any original document or certified translation.

We also offer superlegalization services by which documents translated by us are recognized in countries other than those who are members of the Hague Convention.

Please contact us for any details.

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